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Meta fields in Shopify add custom data to products, such as setting up filters to display products based on location using the new store-front filter. This helps customers find exactly what they’re looking for more efficiently, improving their shopping experience.

Use the Multi-Location Inventory app to create a metafield for each variant of every product in your Shopify store, using the ‘Tagging & Metafields‘ feature.

Please follow the steps below:


Enable Custom Metafield Filtering:

  • Navigate to “Filtering method:“.
  • Select and enable “Custom Metafield Filtering“.
  • Once the meta field’s sync is complete, scroll down on the product page in Shopify to find the newly created meta field section.
Step-2 #
  • Go to the Online Store and select “Navigation.” Scroll down to “Collection and Search Filters” and install the “Shopify Search and Discovery” app.
Step-3 #
  • From the “Customize Filtering” section, add the desired filters.
  • From the source options, select “Variant Metafield: Location.” scroll down choose the “values” and save it.

The preview will appear as follows on the storefront:

If you need help, please feel free to contact our support team.

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