Inventory widget templates

An Inventory Widget is typically used to display real-time inventory information to customers, such as the number of items in stock, low/high stock or sold-out items, available colors or sizes, and other relevant details. 

Setting up an inventory display on your product pages can greatly enhance the shopping experience by providing up-to-date product availability, whether you use a pre-built plugin or a custom solution.

How to set up an Inventory Widget #

Before you begin, please make sure that the app embed is activated. Follow the link below to activate it:

Activate the app embed

After enabling the app embed, ensure the Product Page Inventory Widget Status is turned on. The widget will not be displayed on the product page if this setting is not enabled.

Available inventory widget templates #

Template #1 #

Enabling the option to “show a single variant or product’s location inventory” will display the inventory information for that specific product location.

Storefront Preview:

Template #2 #

You can also choose to display all available variants at a location by selecting “show all variants available at a location.”

Storefront Preview:

To preview any template in the storefront, click Preview selected template to see how it looks.

Don’t forget to click Save after making any changes.

If you need help, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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